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P4C Stimuli

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P4C Stimuli
by Hayley Aldis - Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 3:05 PM

As per Karen's powerpoint, the stimuli you collated:

A picture of a person holding a lot of shopping bags. Question: are the best things in life free?

The Gruffalo- pitched for KS1 to discuss lying

Can we always control change? - Year 3 (image of deforestation)

The pros and cons of social media - Upper KS2 (photo of apple in mirror, one rotting the other not)

This is me- Greatest Showman (This song could be used as it is familiar to most children and current. The concepts could include differences, acceptance, appearance, kindness, bullying, etc. The questions could include: is it ever bad to be different? Is it ok to be mean to people that are mean to us? What is beauty?)

Do all heroes wear capes? (Superhero images)

Should you keep wild animals (such as Tigers) as family pets?

How can we make the most of our time?